Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy is traditionally aimed at athletes or those involved in intense physical activity, to prevent injury, maximise physical & mental condition & enhance performance levels. Sports massage is not only a performance enhancing massage it is also a health massage suitable for anyone as it optimises physical & mental condition. Qualified sports therapist have a sound knowledge of the muscular & skeletal system & tailor the massage to your specific requirements.

Massage techniques are often supplemented by other massage styles, including Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, acupressure, lymphatic, shiatsu, ayurveda, kahuna & many others. This deep & highly effective massage will leave you feeling as if your muscles have been put through a workout as the therapist works deep into the muscles to increase blood flow, break down scar tissue to promote healthy tissue regeneration, muscle strength & tone. The therapist will work to your optimum comfort level, so don’t worry, it sounds more painful than it actually is.

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