Sarah Joyce (Singer - Rumer)

Thank you! I feel reborn!!
Davide Lufrano-Chavez (Guitarist-Alejandro Toledo and the Magic Tombolinos)

It was veery very good massage. The therapist was touching some very critical point for me (I’m a bass player) always in a delicate but intense way. I just wish it would never end. Stretching part very effective! Thank you!
Michele Montolli (Double bass- Alejandro Toledo and the Magic Tombolinos)

Really fantastic massage, thank you! Your great!
Maurizio Pala (Accordion - Alejandro Toledo and the Magic Tombolinos)

This is a fantastic idea! As necessary as food or anything else, getting a massage creates a brilliant environment to work in. Lynsey is awesome
Alejandro Toledo (Saxes / vocal- Alejandro Toledo and the Magic Tombolinos)

The opportunity of having a massage before a performance is a great idea. I had a really good experience just after a 5 hour journey. I feel now re-energised and relaxed, certainly ready to play again. Thanks a lot both wonderful therapist and the organisers that provided us performers with this opportunity
Nuno Brito (Drummer-Alejandro Toledo and the Magic Tombolinos)

The best massage I ever had in my life. My job is driving / looking after the artists, this massage made me feel young again. Thank you Lynsey & the Sponsors.

Wonderful I feel taller and so relaxed. Thank you!
Sian Evans (Sound Progression)

I feel really relax. Thank you so much
Laura Marin (Vocalist)

I’ just had the best massage I’ve ever had with a blonde beautiful lady. She got all my pressure points and it was unexpected. I really liked it and I wish I could have more. They are so friendly, hardworking & kind I couldn’t ask for more.
Jane Ikasi (Professional Dancer)

Very good-really understood issues with my shoulders & helped a lot!
Tamar Osborn (Saxophonist)

Absolutely fantastic! I’ve always had aches in my shoulder especially after a lot of palying flute and its now disappeared - very much recommended -e xactly what’s needed after - well - almost anything!

A totally relaxing experience, makes you feel like a new fresh person, very good, would recommend
Leigh Jones (Red Dragon FM)

Very relaxing and soothing. Could def get more used to it
Steve Martin(Producer-Red Dragon FM)

Best massage I’ve got. Touch of an angel!

Fantastic! Shoulders feel really fluid and I feel very relaxed.

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